90 Day Weight loss Challenge

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A Complete Guide for 90 Day Weight loss Challenge

Are you planning to start your 90 day weight loss challenge? Do you have any confusion about where to start? Stop getting tension because you are going to get answers to your entire questions about the 90 day weight loss challenge. 

Start your 90 day weight loss challenge step by step; means do preparation week by week. Design your light diet plan and light workout plan for week 1 then increase your activities for workout and diet too gradually till week 12.

First of all if you have fear about heavy exercises and workouts and you think that by keeping starving you can get a beautiful and slim body so you are just making you fool. For a healthy and beautiful body you have to follow a complete diet and exercise plan. Yes, it has two paths which you have to follow. One is a diet plan and one is a workout plan. So, first of all you need to know how to follow a diet plan.

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Diet plan For 90 Day Weight loss Challenge

Prepare yourself to avoid greasy and salty food whether you love them but you have to avoid them.  Bring lean protein, a variety of fruits, green veggies and nuts in your daily routine. Prepare your food for a week. And also consider your water intake because it’s also going to help you. Detox water is your friend too.

Make your mind for the situation when your any dear friend invites you to his birthday party and you’d fight with a craving for BBQ and ice cake. In the beginning it’s going to be hard for you but it’ll change your lifestyle and change your opinion about weight loss. You cannot lose your weight by working out two or three hours a day. It’s a mixture of 80% nutritious diet and 20% work out.


Start taking protein in your daily routine. Protein will help you in losing weight and also you’ll give up overeating, after having a protein diet we feel full and don’t desire more eating. By taking a protein diet you can get a healthy body because protein helps us in muscle building, it builds the immune system and repairs damaged cells and makes new cells.  

Now the important question is how much protein should be taken in a day.

Well, it depends on person to person what is your age, what about your health, which type of activities you have but the common perspective is that if a woman has 150 pounds weight she should have 154 gram protein a day and if man has 180 pounds weight then he should have 165 gram protein a day.

Another question you may have in your mind is which food contains high rich protein and by having them you can get your required protein. Therefore, there are a number of food options which contain protein like chicken, eggs, meet, fish but if you are vegetarian so don’t worry there is a variety of food for you like corns, potatoes, black beans, cauliflower, broccoli, oats, guava and many more.

A Low-Carb Diet:

A low-carb diet actually helps you for losing weight, so, if you have decided to start a 90 day weight loss challenge so you should consider a low-carb diet, which means you have to avoid sugary food, starchy vegetables and certain fruits. Research says that 40 to 100 gram carbohydrates per day are enough for you.

The best suggestion is for designing your diet plan that makes a list of food which you are habitual of eating and then picks all healthy food from the list and include them in your diet plan. By doing this you’ll feel easy to follow the diet plan.

There are a variety of healthy drinks and smoothies which you can add in your diet plan. Healthy drinks and smoothies play incredible roles for burning calories. 

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Fruits and Veggies:

Fruits and veggies are going to be your dear friend during your weight loss journey because they have very low calories. Include them in your diet plan and raw fruits and veggies better than cooked because by cooking them you can add more calories in them. And also avoid juices and shakes; by having them you’d feel hunger again after a short time.

Water and Salt Intake:

Water plays an important role in your health and weight loss. Research says that the people who are habitual of taking plenty of water in a day, they never gain weight. Therefore, you should increase your water intake.

 As well as you have to consider your salt intake. You should take salt moderately because it’s not good for your health and it can increase your weight as well. So avoid salt if you want to win the 90 day weight loss challenge.

Workout Plan for 90 Day Weight loss Challenge

You don’t need to workout for two or three hours a day if you want to lose your weight. I have written above already that 90 day weight loss challenge is a mixture of 80% nutritious diet and 20% is workout so don’t worry about your busy schedule. Make a time table for a week, do weight lifting three days a week and cardio training two days a week. 

Wait, maybe you are thinking that what is cardio training? Indeed, the answer is given below but before that for those who don’t have time in their tough life but they want to shed some pounds as well, I have a solution for them.

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Cardio Workout:

By doing cardio workout you just not sweat a lot but also you burn many calories, there are many types of cardio here and every type gives you different body shape and results it depends on you which type you give preference to do cardio workout.

I am describing six types of cardio workout here:

  1. Running
  2. Jumping rope
  3. Cycling
  4. Sprinting 
  5. Swimming
  6. Rowing


Running is a cardio workout which helps you to burn extra calories and fat. By running in a moderate way you can melt your pounds. So don’t forget running at least one time a week during your 90 day weight loss challenge journey.

Jumping Rope:

Jumping rope is a very helpful cardio workout because it targets three areas, foot running, shoulder muscles building and burning fats. As well as it’s easy to use, easy to have, whether you are going anywhere you can have it with you easily and be able to continue your workout.


Cycling is another beneficial cardio workout which helps you to burn extra calories. Do thirty minutes cycling two times a week; you’ll lose 300 calories by doing this. Results are just depending on your intensity.


Sprinting is other one great option for burning fat; it increases your metabolism as well. I must say you should prefer it instead of running because it gives you brilliant results; it helps you in muscles building as well.

Swimming:Swimming to waight Loss

There is a wide variety of cardio workout we have, swimming is also a type of it and gives you excellent results. Swimming engages several muscle groups and provides you a healthy and fit body. Do you have a desire to win a 90 day weight loss challenge? So, it’ll be a great option to choose swimming as a cardio workout.


Using rowing with a healthy diet gives you amazing results in weight loss. Rowing machine is a helpful option because it’s easy to use and targets every muscle in your body and burns up to 800 calories by rowing for an hour or more.

Now you have a variety of cardio workouts, you can choose any of them. They all are going to help you in your weight loss program. Make a schedule for your workout and start your journey of 90 day weight loss challenges. 

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Now you have all regarding information for a 90 day weight loss challenge. You just have to make up your mind to start it. Taking a first step is always difficult but gradually you feel the benefits of it.

Don’t dive into it in the first step, I’ll suggest you take an experience of one week, start from your food. Start taking fruits and veggies when you feel hungry instead of having greasy food or junk food. Spend some time doing light workouts like walking.

When you do it you may get surprising results, you may have a better lifestyle for your entire life and maybe you start hating pizza, cheese burger, cheese sandwich and pasta. You may lose up to 42 pounds in a 90 day weight loss challenge, isn’t it amazing? 

One more thing if you have any health issue like diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease so my humble request to you that before starting any program of weight loss concern to your doctor ask him that what is good for your health and fitness because only your doctor can suggest you in a right way.

One more thing that I’m neither a doctor nor a health specialist, I’m just a researcher and this article is based on my deep research from trusted sources.


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